Open Arc

Open Arc is a company with over 30 years of experience in the industry, offering a range of special alloys for welding by the TIG process, welding solutions for Tooling, Maintenance and Industrial Manufacturing.

Despite the time and posture in the market, the company did not have an established visual identity, they only had a simple logo made by them even at the beginning of the company. So we had the challenge and to build an entire identity that would bring something new but that at the same time represented this great company in an expressive way.

When researching the name Open Arc and what it really means we understand that it represents part of an electrical process that occurs at the time of welding. The electric arc is largely responsible for electrode welding procedures, which is the case with Open Arc products. Welding begins when an electric arc is created between the tip of the electrode and the work or base metal, the intense heat generated fuses the electrode to the surface of the part in the vicinity of the arc, and it is at that moment that the electric arc opens.

Based on this electrical process, we created the brand in a way that represented this opening of the electric arc, thus having the entire context of the name and products offered by the company. In the brand we can also see the letters O and A, thus giving more prominence to the name Open Arc.

In typography we chose a robust, strong font, following the same line as the icon. And in the choice of colors, we decided on red, as it is the predominant and current color of the company, and dark blue, bringing balance to the visual identity.

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